I come from a very modest background. I have learned the ways of life countering several hardships over a period of 5 decades. Earlier, times and challenges were different than those today. But one thing I followed always is to be honest and create value for the customer. To me even a customer buying one roll worth Rs 500 is very important and deserves utmost respect and concern.

We focus on technology and high volumes and building long term customer relations. We are working and guiding our next generation to cherish and have the same principles and values in life. We also believe that hardwork and positive mindset is key to being successful.

We respect everyone big and small and believe in Inclusive growth. We will always strive to deliver World Class Products at reasonable prices and also contribute in Nation building and being loyal and proud of being an Indian.

Jai Hind!



Warm Regards, In continuation with what my father says, we believe in dedicated and sincere hardwork, being honest to every commitment of ours, keeping in mind all customers, employees and every one involved with our business.

We have utmost respect for Rules and Regulations of the Country and are dedicated in building India into a great and prosperous nation.

Our business practices are designed to minimize wastage and to adopt green manufacturing where the environment is kept healthy, rain water harvesting, solar lighting, lust green plantation in our factory premises are a ever continuous process and we take pride in doing things this way. We wish all good health. Please respect your elders and believe in Inclusive Growth.

Jai Hind!